Thursday, June 12, 2014

Family First

As some of you noticed, I went MIA on all social networking sites. I appreciate the private messages and tweets checking in on me. No need to worry, I have been busy spending my extra moments with my family!

Middle of February my husband and I began searching for a new home. We were in desperate need of a larger, more usable space in a family friendly neighborhood. I have always dreamed of walking with Andrew in a stroller around our neighborhood and having a large yard for him to play in. We thought we would start looking but probably not find anything until this summer. Unbelievably, we found a home way quicker than we could have imagined. It was PERFECT... in a neighborhood, Large yard (great way to compromise with my husband to get him into a neighborhood), play room and great neighbors! We had to jump at the opportunity.

We closed on the house on April 18. On April 19, Andrew turned ONE! Then Easter was on April 20. Can you say a BUSY weekend? On top of that, school was winding down. My plate became FILLED! I made the decision and always will, FAMILY FIRST.


I was busy packing, deciding on items for Goodwill or trash. I was making our end of the year Slideshow for my class, planning Andrew's baptism and party, which just so happened to be the first weekend at our new house. Can you say one stressed out momma! Add to that, everything that has to be completed before the end of the year. You know the paperwork, report cards, cleaning and organizing. Oh, and did I mention our school is being painted this EVERYTHING had to be taken down and put away. And me being OCD, I had to have bins and put everything in its place so I can find it in again August. Thank goodness for a fabulous assistant who gets my OCD and dealt with my stress filled self for a month. She is a saint!!!With all of this, family had to come first.
All my extra moments were spent with my family. No more taking a few minutes to check in on facebook, tweet a thought or blog. I needed to spend this extra time with my family. We even took the plunge of not having internet for over a month during our move. I enjoyed my extra moments with Andrew and my husband.
We spent many days after work at our new house as a family making changes. We had the entire house painted, updated hardware and switched out appliances. We were busy making this house our home. It was so much fun to watch Andrew become more and more comfortable at our home. He slowly became confident in exploring the house. He enjoyed crawling outside, finding the stairs and playing outside!! I love spending time with this cutie!

The last couple months were long, busy and stress filled but I enjoyed every moment of that journey because my family was by my side. So yes, I went unplugged for a while and no I do not regret it one bit!
Blogging and crafting are my hobbies. FAMILY IS MY LIFE. I am looking forward to getting back plugged in, using nap times to get back to my hobby and connecting with my internet friends. So if I go missing for a week or so know my family and I are busy making memories!


  1. Congrats on the house! I just started following your TpT store! You have really cute items!

    Beach Bum Literacy Chick

  2. Thank you!! I can't wait to have a minute to check out your blog!



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