Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If You Give Me a Cupcake...and Giveaway Results!

Like many of you, snow days have had a major impact in my classroom. Last week, we had FOUR snow days! That means we missed Valentine's Day!! While we are not going to get to everything I had originally planned we are finishing up some of my favorite projects and we will finally have our party this Thursday.

One of my favorite books to read to keep some fun seasonal activities in this room is, "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake."
This books lends itself to teaching sequence of events and cause and effect. My kinders love this book and always laugh when the cat decides he needs to go to the gym and learn karate. I love reading this during Valentine's Week because it is not the overly girly glittery, lovey dovey book. It is a great balance for the boys and girls.
This year, with the huge emphasis on informational text, I sometimes feel that literary text has really been lacking in my classroom and has had an impact on my students' creativity. So for our writing activity, my students imagined what would happen if someone gave them a cupcake.  We spent time discussing how good writers add details to their writing and had a little chat about how boring it would be if you just said you would eat it. This was a fun activity for them to use their creative side. It is sad how many of my students were lacking the ability to be creative and think out of the box.


This student wrote "If you gave me a cupcake, I would want 10 of them!" It is always exciting when they don't copy from their neighbor.

Our cats were super simple to make.
  • Large circle for the head, 2 small ovals for the paws and 2 triangles for the ears.
  • Then then used a white crayon to add the details!

For their cupcake:
  • We cut out the cupcake holder from various scrapbook design paper
  • used white/pink/yellow/red etc paper for the icing
  • half circle (brown, pink, white paper) to make the cake
  •  red circle for the cherry on top. YUM!
You could even add some fun sprinkles on top using gems, glitter or even real sprinkles. This is always a fun writing project for my kiddos! Comment below with some writing projects that you do this time of the year!

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