Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valenine's Day!

This year I am celebrating Valentine's Day at home and soon to be on the road to Cincinnati thanks to snow days! I am super excited about this trip to Cinci to see family that I havn't seen in years, for Andrew to finally get to meet  them and to celebrate my SIL's baby shower!!!

Yesterday, I became an aunt again to a little boy, Ethan John! EEK He is a cutieeee. He was 3 weeks early (planned induction) and is spending some time in NICU to get his breathing under control and to help him start eating. Please send some extra thoughts and prayers his way if you don't mind!

 Just wanted to spread some love to my followers and what better way than some cute pictures! These are some pictures from Andrew's 9 months photo session!! I could just eat him up!



It was a little strange not being in a classroom full of excited kindergartners ready to party. I have to admit, I missed the craziness today. I know they are at home enjoying the snow but I love watching them pass out and receive their Valentines! I hope your Valentine's Party were a blast and stress free. And just think you have now officially made it to the weekend!

 Happy Valentine's Day!


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  1. Oh, my GOSH! How absolutely adorable!!! Love it!

    Aaand.. I found your blog over on the TPT forums and have been inspired by your posts! I am nominating you for the Liebster award! Hop on over to my blog to find out all the details about what it is, how to accept, and how to nominate your own awesome bloggin' friends!

    ~ Kristen,


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