Saturday, February 1, 2014

100th Day Fun & Freebie!

Our 100th Day was on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I had a sore throat and had to call in a sub. Thankfully, Mrs. Myrtle Mayberry could save the day! She was a little slow getting around but my students started to make their fun 100th day hats!

 However, snow decided to make a threat and living in the south we were promptly released early. The snow started late that afternoon and caused school to be cancelled on Wednesday. By Wednesday afternoon most of the snow/ice had melted but the National Weather Service issued a black ice advisory until noon on Thursday and therefore we were closed again on Thursday!! Oh the perks of living in the South!

We finally made it back to school on Friday. I came back to a sweet little note left on my table by a sweet girl that read: Mrs. "Farr I hope you are feeling better" It helped brighten my morning and I got a little chuckle that some of them were still unsure if Mrs. Mayberry was me or not!  Friday was a BUSY day as we tried to finish our 100th Day math, writing and snack activities!!

My students enjoyed the 100th Day Breakfast of Champions! (Well ended up being the late afternoon pick me up snack!) :) I gave my students a pretzel rod and 2 doughnut holes and they had to form 100. They had some yummy apple juice to wash it down. Yum YUM!!

 We made the traditional fun 100 day snack! Each student received a fun "snack mat" to help them count by 10s. This was a great way for students to see the 10 different groups and also helping them to read a 100s chart. After place their snack on the mat we practiced counting by 10s and then placed it into our fun snack baggie. This is always a class favorite!

Click here for The Snack Freebie!!

We will be finishing these next week. Got to love the snow but it messed up our fun schedule! My students will receive another hundreds chart to help their sort their fruit loops. They get to choose 5 different colored fruit loops. They will make 5 groups of 20 on their hundreds chart, After they have shown their 5 groups, we will count by 20s (great extension for my higher students and just great exposure of another way to make 100) They then get to glue their 100 fruit loops onto the gumball machine and add their name to the tag. They LOVE this!

We are still finishing up our Me at 100 years old writing. I took their picture using the Aging Booth App. If you are not familiar with this app, you must check it out!!! Click here for the APP! It instantly ages you! Here is a picture of me using the aging app.

I took all my students' picture without telling them why. Then I shocked them with a little slideshow view of what they would like when they were 100 years old!! After all the giggling and laughing and even the "oh no I look like my grandpa!" comments, we started  brainstorming what do 100 year old people wear, look like, where do they live, what they will do etc. My students never shock me and came up with some great ideas!
  • I will rock on my rocking chair drinking some hot chocolate and tell everyone else what to do!
  • I will race around in my wheelchair!
  • I will spoil my grandkids and let them eat all of the chocolate they want!
  • I will lay in my bed all day!
  • I will travel to the beach!
I created a fun frame to place their picture inside (This is included in my 100th Day Unit.) On Monday, they will complete the writing piece. I cannot wait to read what they have to say!

We will not let a little snow ruin our 100 Day Fun! We might just celebrate until day 110! :) Maybe next year we will get it all completed in one day and be able to do the 100 day necklace, building, write 100 words etc. Oh well, until next year!

This unit is easy to implement. Buy today and use tomorrow!

Click here for the full 100th Day Unit!

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What are your MUST DO activities every year. Come rain, SNOW, or high water that you will do? Share below!

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