Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kindergarten America Unit

Like most of you, I am sitting at home thinking next week's lesson plans though my head. We are beginning a unit that I am very excited about. So many students do not realize how big our country is, what our symbols represent much less even know that we have symbols. Time to get the room looking less wintry!!

As I was doing little pinterest-ing (is that a word?!) and looking through some of my old stuff I have saved on my hard drive, I thought I would share what my little kinders will be doing next week! (whew that was a long sentence!)

First, I found this sweet video!! I really encourage you to watch it! I love the song choice in the background and the pictures of our country. A negative to this video for kinders is that there is a lot of written narration but I think I can easily narrate for them. Maybe just watch first and talk about different things we saw in the pictures and then narrate the facts.

This week we are going to use Google Maps to find SC on the map and then zoom out to see our whole country. We will pin point various destinations that they are familiar with. (Disney World, California, Hawaii)

This BrainPopJR video will be a perfect starting lesson to introduce the symbols and the vocabulary. If you do not have an account, have no fear this video is one of their FREE ONES!!!!

Throughout the week, we are going to use different types of media (texts, articles, videos etc) to explore and research American Symbols. Each student will be creating their own book with an illustration to match. (great for describing how illustration match text and vice versus) We are going to learn about The Flag, The Liberty Bell, The Statute of Liberty and The Bald Eagle.

During writer's workshop time my students will independently be working on items found in my America Unit. They will go on a scavenger hunt using my word wall picture cards. They will write sentences using the words they find. Then they also have some fun writing sheets that they have to find a word that starts with each respective letter.

Here are a few example of what is included in my America Write the Room Unit!

Click here to see examples of my students' work!!!!

What are your favorite activities and lessons to do during your America Unit??

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