Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ambassador for

My classroom has been blessed through To date, I have had almost 50 projects funded and am very close on full funding on a couple other projects. My students have received basic school supplies to iPads and 3D printer and even helped fund our 1st SCHOOL Carnival and so much more! has made a HUGE impact on my students' education and I want to help other classrooms find success! 

I was invited to join's Ambassador program to assist teachers create an account and post a project.  Part of this program, I will be able to help any teacher who needs support creating an account and writing a project. I will also be able to provide those teachers with their first donation to jump start their project. How awesome is that?! 

If you know any teachers that would like help posting a project, have them contact me via email or twitter @KatieFarr5 . I will be happy to help them and/or put them in contact with an ambassador closer to them if they would prefer. 

Are  you in South Carolina? If so, I can possibly meet up with and your teacher besties at a local coffee shop and help you post your first project in 30 minutes or less! I am also available to provide PD for your school. Just have your principal contact me and we can make it happen!
 Have you posted a project before and never found success? Or maybe you have successfully funded a project but need more tips. I will be releasing a series of post on over the next several days. 

Stay tuned!