Monday, February 5, 2018

Ideas for a DonorsChoose Project

Hello, again! I hope you are starting to be more comfortable with the idea of starting a DonorsChoose project. Click here to see other posts One of my most popular questions that I receive via Twitter is what type of projects have I had funded. So I thought I would just share a few here and that may get your creative juices flowing as you are planning a DonorsChoose project! I have had almost 50 projects funded. Most of my projects have been written specifically for my classroom but I have also written projects that have benefited my entire grade level and even a project for my entire school! So sit back, grab your caffeine and scroll through these pictures and let the ideas flow!

This is one of my larger projects, a $2,619 3D printer! This has been an item that every class since has been able to enjoy and learn with this printer. We have built math manipulatives, our names, thematic items to go with content that we are studying, gifts, ornaments, table caddies, ten frames etc. This 3D printer can do it all! I am so thankful that a very special donor to me helped my classroom fund this project. What would you do with a 3D printer in your classroom?

Books are always a POPULAR request and donors love searching by book titles. I was able to add about 15 new Big Books to my classroom thanks to this project. If you teach elementary, you know how much our students LOVE to use big books and how beneficial they are to us the teacher!

I had a year of Scholastic Let's Find out magazines funded for my classroom. This then allowed me the opportunity to become an adviser for Scholastic. I have not had to pay for a subscription since 2013. Wowzers, talk about a gift that just has kept giving! We know how important reading informational text is for our students but finding informational text on their level is another story. If you do not receive Scholastic Magazines in your classroom, I highly suggest looking into it!

Sets of different math games, perfect for math stations! Side note, this project funded in 2013 and this math game is still one of my students' favorite games!

The popular Hokki Stools! I funded 8 green ones with this project. My students LOVE these!! They can just move them to different places in the room if they would prefer that stool over the chair. Another great project, that many, many classes have been able to use.

Stop, buying so much for your classroom and write a project for the basic items that we are constantly running to Target to get! 

We received all the materials that we needed to create a classroom garden! The garden bed, soil, shovels, seeds, watering cans etc. One of my most favorite projects!

I have been able to fund 3 sets of Dash & Dot, Beebots and Ozobots. Robots are so much fun in kindergarten!

I was able to help my school's Running Cub get water bottles, shoelaces, timers and other great items they needed!

These examples are just a small representation of items that I have had funded and that you could too! You are welcome to browse my DonorsChoose page for more inspiration!

Stay tuned for future posts!

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