Monday, June 30, 2014

Deck, Back to School Brochures and Shopping {Monday Made It!}

I am linking back up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made it! This linky party has kicked my rear in high gear. My summer calendar is filled with summer projects to hopefully make it a little easier when I go back in August to set back up and to add some homieness  to our new house!
I have been busy this last week with lots of projects around the house and some little mini school projects have been marked off!
Okay so this isn't really a made but more like an assembled. We finally got a patio set for our deck!! I am in LOVE. It has a tile table and 6 comfy chairs. Thank goodness for a handy husband, helpful dad and my mom for helping us to pick it up and assemble it!
 The best was marked way down. Thank goodness for sales!! Now I will have to have my detective eyes working to find a cute umbrella for our table Have you seen any great deals? Let me know!

Okay I confess this also isn't really a made it but more like a did it! If you have been following me on Instagram, you have seen many of these pictures and great finds!
I found most of these awesome deals at Dollar Tree. Lots of buckets, sight word dice and other great finds! Click here if you would like to read more about each item and where I found it!
I also found some great steals and perfect items for my classroom at Big Lots. 3 Big Lots stalking trips laterand I think I got it all! 28 magazine buckets, 12 baskets for classroom library and some cute blue storage containers. I think I have finished my organization shopping trips this summer. Is anyone else just do addicted to Back to School shopping? I am pretty sure I enjoy this and school crafts way more than crafty for my house

This week I have been working on creating Back To School Brochures. I am so excited about these as an alternative and better way than having lots of papers for papers for them to keep up with. So far I have created a jungle, ocean and owl back to school theme. I still have a few free ones up for grabs and ways to request other designs! Read more here!
 What fun things hav eyou done this week around the house or getting ready for Back to School? Share below!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Back to School Brochures {Meet the Teacher}

One major task on my Summer To Do list was to create some brochures for Back to School. I am tired of writing typing so much information that ends up on several pages. I can pretty much guarantee most of my parents don't even read it. I wanted to condense my information. My wheels started turning and I thought about my teacher brochure I created ages ago that I would attach to resumes. So that is how this idea was born....

So that is why I decided to make some fun brochures. I am hoping that by providing information in short tidbits, on one piece of paper and with some fun clip art maybe just maybe my parents will read it and maybe keep it handy for reference. So far, I have made a fun ocean, jungle and owl back to school theme.

Honestly, I must admit I have been a bit addicted to creating different styles with fun clip art that I haven't even finalized mine with my classroom information! LOL It is so much fun though to think of different themes and create something a little different then what is in my room.

And I have some great news for you! I have created these to be editable so you can add your own text and have all of the fun clip art!! The first 3 people to leave a comment with your e-mail and which style you would like can have it for free!

You can also find these  here on my TpT store!

Is there a fun design you are looking for? Leave me a comment and I may just create it. If create your suggestion, you will also get it for free! Love hearing your great ideas!


Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday! {Back to School Style}

I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday Linky Party! If you read my post last week about my mystery package, you can read about what I made here! (It is under Made it 1)

So here are my 5 random things from this week of how I am (mostly) preparing for Back to School!
I finally finished my Year Of Kindergarten Writing.
A Year of Kindergarten Writing Journal
 I am so excited about using this as a tool for RTI, measuring their progress and creating an end of the year book for their parents! If you are interested to know more about this journal you can read about it here! It is under Made it 3. You can also find this journal here on my TpT store.

Yes, I have already completed some B2S shopping! EEK!! I bought baskets, chairs, mini trashcans, sight word dice, sight word writing strips and wall thingys for my Word Wall. I got all of this at Target and Dollar Tree. I loved those chairs so much, I just got back from Target and bought 2 more. Yes, I am addicted to B2S shopping. Am I the only one who likes crafting for my classroom more than my house?! If you want to read more about my finds in details, click here to read my post about Summer Shopping Finds!

Oh my goodness y'all, did I mention I am addicted to B2S shopping? After posting my finds the other day, I went to Big Lots and I was in B2S heaven!
I ended up hitting 2 Big Lots and will have to do some stalking for their next shipment! I was so excited to see the magazine holders because my kiddos book boxes needed a new look. And they were in blue and green so I mean, if my husband asks tell him it was a necessity! :) Yes the green isn't in the exact shade that I would use but it will work. I am thinking I will use the big baskets for my updated classroom library (still on my summer to-do list) and the magazine boxes will be there too so I think it will all be pulled together in the same area.

Andrew had a little play date this week with another kinder teacher's baby. It was so nice to talk to an adult and watch Andrew interact. BTW, he is such a flirt!
Photo: Play date!  Andrew is a little flirt.

I love summer nights with my little family. We had fun playing outside and going to get ice cream at this little ice cream shop in town. Love making memories!

Photo: Outside playing after an ice cream trip

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Shopping Finds!!!

Raise your hand if you get excited when you walk into a store and see their College Dorm Section is out and you do not have a college aged-student residing with you? My hand is raised high! I hit the jackpot today at Dollar Tree and Target! Found all kinds of good stuff to fit my blue & green color scheme!!!

I found these chairs at Target! They are  so perfect and extremely sturdy. This is a part of their summer collection and everything was 50% off when I went. It was a STEAL!! They also had pink and a few other colors. I just might have to go back and get some more!! I am excited to place these in a little reading corner in the room.
These are the LARGE shower caddies at Dollar Tree. I think I am going to use these to keep some word work and work on writing materials to make it easy for the kids to carry around the room.
I got this at Dollar Tree also. I thought these would be perfect trash cans to have by my guided reading table and art area instead of those boring black and brown ones.
These are the small shower caddies at Dollar Tree. These will be perfect to hold materials needed at the whole group area.
LOVE these stacking containers. Not quite sure what I will use them for yet. But they will be perfect to hold materials on shelves and give the classroom a cohesive look.
Aren't' these mini trash cans soooo cute?!?! I picked up several. These will be perfect when we do whole group craft projects and have a little scraps container for each table. Much better then having every kiddo to get up and go to the large trash can. Also be perfect to have  a little areas of the room for them to place some pieces of trash. I got these at Dollar Tree as well!
Check out these fun sight word strips. I plan to laminate these words so my kiddos can use a dry erase marker to practice writing the words. Also, these will be a great resource in the writing area. I picked up a few blank writing strips that I also plan to laminate so they can use these over and over again.
Have you seen these sight word dice at Dollar Tree?!?! So excited these will be PERFECT for sight word games!
Last, I picked up these super cute cards. I think I am going to use these as a part of my word wall!
So many great finds!!! They also had lots of purple and red color scheme items too!
Have you started any B2S shopping? Found any great deals? Share below!
PS. Make sure you are following me on instagram where I will continue to post fun finds! My username is: glittergluegiggles 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Made It! FREEBIE ALERT!

I have fallen in love with Monday Made It over at 4th Grade Frolics! It is keeping me on almost on track with my projects this summer. I am trying very hard to spread my projects out over the summer instead of trying to tackle it all the week before school starts!

Did  you read my post from Five for Friday and wonder what was in that mystery package?? Well here it is!!
First up, you know those (ugly) sentence strips that are hung on walls. I have a love hate relationships with those suckers. They are at the just perfect level for every kid that comes by to rub their shoulders across, crumple paper on the strip and many times rip the work off the wall. I hate stapling work on it for that very reason. The staples just help the hole get even bigger on the student's work and you just have staples on over your border on the strip. I would really love to take that down and have a HUGE bulletin board in its place. But, since that is not possible I have been working on jazzing up some clothespins to add to my sentence strip to hang up student work. My hope is even if it falls off the strip it won't get ripped with the staples and it will add a little jazz to the strip!
So I ordered some silver, sparkly washi tape and mini clothespins. I chose the silver washi tape so no matter what color border I have up, it will pop and it will work for every season. I modged podged the wash tape on the clothespin and then hot glued a push pin to the back to make it easy to put on the sentence strip. It was fairly easy..took about an hour...I think I'm liking it...

My Terms of Use page needed some jazzing up so while I was procrastinating on some cleaning I gave it a facelift! The graphics are thanks to A Bird in Hand Designs and the frame is from The 3AM Teacher. Love their work!

And last, I finally got around to finishing my Kindergarten Journal to monitor growth as a writer for a year. I am so excited about using this resource next year. I still need to print it out and bind it into a book. Each student will have their own book to complete a writing piece each month. This will allow me to monitor progress with their writing and illustrations, be a great tool for RTI and make a great End of Year gift. Wowzers, getting a long of bang for one project!
I have always had writing folders and journals that go home at the end of the year but I am excited about having this one book that you can quickly see how the students have grown over each month!
To celebrate completing this product, I have made my First Day of Kindergarten Page a FREEBIE! Wahoo! Click here to get The First Day of Kindergarten Page! Would LOVE some feedback! :)


What are some fun projects that you have made this summer? Share below!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Lunch Trips, Amazon, Storms Oh My! Five for Friday!

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs to share 5 random things from this week!

 I love summer because Andrew and I can meet up with my hubby for lunch. With his crazy schedule (gotta love the firefighter life) it is so nice to squeeze in some extra time. Today we met up with his crew for Mexican. YUM! Then Andrew got to (pretend) drive the firefighter truck. Love making memories!

I placed an order on Amazon a few days ago and it FINALLY arrived!!!
What's in the box you ask?? You will never know! JUST KIDDING!! :) But, you will have to wait for another day. Inside holds some supplies that I think I need to make a craft idea that has been on mine. Check back in a few days and hopefully it was be completed! So excited!!
A few days ago, a terrible thunderstorm   wind storm micro burst slammed our house. It was terrifying! I was home by myself with Andrew except he was sleeping and I was on the other side of the house. To get to him I had to go through our kitchen and family room which the whole back wall is WINDOWS!! Looking outside, all I could see was leaves swirling and it even just looked grey and you could hear and see the hail slamming the house! This was by far one of the worst storms I have seen in a long time. In fact, it didn't even feel safe to sitting in the house in front of windows so we took shelter in the bathroom. No worries, Andrew was content playing with toilet paper....boys! Thankfully we are okay, lots of hail and trees down everywhere. In fact several of our neighbors have shattered windows from the hail and  a few miles down the road a house caught on fire. Apparently, the worst part of the storm hit right on top of our neighborhood looking at radar.
I brought home all of my classroom books for my student library in a buckets and I am certain that it is just going to organize itself, right?! Need to find some cute baskets and make some fun labels and then I can start this job! It was in desperate need of some organization after I bought so many new books this year!
And last, I am enjoying daily naps, indulging in Real Housewives of Orange County and staying up way later than I would eve think to do during the school year!
So what have you been up to? Comment below or link up with Doodle Bugs!