Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Made It! FREEBIE ALERT!

I have fallen in love with Monday Made It over at 4th Grade Frolics! It is keeping me on almost on track with my projects this summer. I am trying very hard to spread my projects out over the summer instead of trying to tackle it all the week before school starts!

Did  you read my post from Five for Friday and wonder what was in that mystery package?? Well here it is!!
First up, you know those (ugly) sentence strips that are hung on walls. I have a love hate relationships with those suckers. They are at the just perfect level for every kid that comes by to rub their shoulders across, crumple paper on the strip and many times rip the work off the wall. I hate stapling work on it for that very reason. The staples just help the hole get even bigger on the student's work and you just have staples on over your border on the strip. I would really love to take that down and have a HUGE bulletin board in its place. But, since that is not possible I have been working on jazzing up some clothespins to add to my sentence strip to hang up student work. My hope is even if it falls off the strip it won't get ripped with the staples and it will add a little jazz to the strip!
So I ordered some silver, sparkly washi tape and mini clothespins. I chose the silver washi tape so no matter what color border I have up, it will pop and it will work for every season. I modged podged the wash tape on the clothespin and then hot glued a push pin to the back to make it easy to put on the sentence strip. It was fairly easy..took about an hour...I think I'm liking it...

My Terms of Use page needed some jazzing up so while I was procrastinating on some cleaning I gave it a facelift! The graphics are thanks to A Bird in Hand Designs and the frame is from The 3AM Teacher. Love their work!

And last, I finally got around to finishing my Kindergarten Journal to monitor growth as a writer for a year. I am so excited about using this resource next year. I still need to print it out and bind it into a book. Each student will have their own book to complete a writing piece each month. This will allow me to monitor progress with their writing and illustrations, be a great tool for RTI and make a great End of Year gift. Wowzers, getting a long of bang for one project!
I have always had writing folders and journals that go home at the end of the year but I am excited about having this one book that you can quickly see how the students have grown over each month!
To celebrate completing this product, I have made my First Day of Kindergarten Page a FREEBIE! Wahoo! Click here to get The First Day of Kindergarten Page! Would LOVE some feedback! :)


What are some fun projects that you have made this summer? Share below!


  1. I love your terms of use page. I need to make one instead of redoing it for each product!

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  2. Thank you! I love having one premade with all the links attached and then just insert the PDF into my file. Saves me time!


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