Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time Flies

  Wow!! I have not blogged in forever. If you have been following on Instagram or Facebook, you have seen pictures and read short blurbs of what was going on in my room. I dropped the ball on blogging but boy oh boy I have so much to be thankful for!

Last July, I found out I was pregnant and then shortly after I was in my classroom trying to put it all back together. 😜 I was a little OCD and everything had to match my blue and green classroom. I mean who isn't a little OCD with their room?!?  These are a couple pictures of my room. I am already stressed thinking about putting it all back together!


I will admit, I was exhausted this school year. My days began at 5:00 AM, taking Andrew to daycare, going to work, loving on my kinder kiddos, meetings, picking up Andrew, making dinner and trying to nap. Who isn't exhausted when pregnant?!? Blogging took a back seat so I could go to bed early every night. I NEED 9 hours of sleep or it is not pretty. Thank goodness both of our kids like to sleep! 

April 5th, Easter Sunday, Owen Joseph Farr was born! The Easter Bunny brought us a special gift. We are so blessed to be a Family of 4. He is the reason I was so tired for 9 months but he was so worth it all. I mean seriously isn't he just so adorable?!?


        This last school year I was blessed with an awesome group of kinders. We learned so much together and had lots of fun! I will be blogging soon about how my Kindergarten Data Notebooks and Student Led Conferences turned out!! It will definitely be something I keep doing!