Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Workin' on it Wednesday!

Today, I am linking up with KinderGals for Workin' on it Wednesday!
I love summertime! Not because I am not working but because I have time to actually work! In a few weeks, one of my best friends is getting married and I need to get serious about getting healthy dropping some pounds and getting a tan! Thank goodness for my neighborhood, a stroller and an easy going baby. I am drinking my large glass of water, making yummy green smoothies and walking every day. Maybe I will step it up to running with the stroller, NAH!
I am also working on not neglecting my social networking sites! Do you know that I set up my instagram account ONE YEAR AGO and then let it go to waste?!? What was I thinking! Now, I cannot imagine not posting something to instagram. I have become addicted! If you have an instagram account click on the picture to follow me or click here!  You can find the rest of my social networking sites at the top right of this page. I love connecting with friends, bloggers and internet friends this way!!
And it wouldn't be summer with out daily trips to Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and all other craft supply stores. I have made many trips and have some fun projects on my to do list. First up, I am making a new 1st Day of 5K Frame! The one I have been using needs some sprucing up and I honestly I just feel like update it. :) I bought a wood cut out frame at Michaels and some spray paint. This is a work in progress. Still needs a lot of some dazzle to bling it up. I still have time to make it work!


There are a few other projects I am working on creating in my head and hope to get them started next week!

So what are you workin on this Wednesday? Leave a comment below and/or Link up with Kim and Megan at KinderGals Linky Party!


  1. Thanks for linking up! Good luck with getting those ideas out of your head and down on the paper. :)

  2. Love the workin' out theme every has going on! :) It's like the meme floating around.. teachers get to have lives again in the summer!


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