Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cheap and Easy Feedback Ideas

Today's post is devoted to how I provide my kinders with positive feedback and NOT use stickers all of the time. I am not saying, stickers are bad...I LOVE stickers....I just became very tired of stickers becoming the many piece of instant feedback to my students. This summer I began brainstorming of new ways that I could give my students feedback that didn't cost a lot of money, they could take it home to their parents and have various ways to give my kinders some instant positive feedback. These are my top 3 that I has been working in my classroom this year.


These are my top 3 forms of feedback:

1. Smelly Bracelets: These have to be The Class Favorite! The picture on the right shows a sheet of bracelets and it is quick and easy to tear one off. The picture on the right shows you the size of what the bracelet will look like on your wrist. (I did not connect this bracelet but it has a pieced of adhesive that makes it easy for you or your student to connect themselves!) Each bracelet has a fun saying that I love to read to them but the BEST part is each sticker comes with something to smell! Cookies, muffins, doughnuts, cinnamon, are just a few examples of some smells! They are so proud of their smelly bracelets!

I keep these at my guided reading table so they are close by and ready to pass out when the time is appropriate. To keep these bracelets fresh and in high demand, I am very selective about when I pass these out. Sometimes the whole group will receive one, sometimes just a student and sometimes no one earns one. The reason I do this is because I want my students to know when they receive one of these bad boys I am super proud of whatever they just did. They never know when I am going to hand one could be in the hallway, after a great report in activity, a compliment from another teacher, some great thinking on the carpet etc. 
They are 10 times more likely to go home and talk about this bracelet then if everyone received a sticker/stamp.bracelet etc everyday.. If they are talking about this bracelet they are then in turn telling their families why they earned it which is then giving their parents insight into our classroom. These are a HUGE hit! I bought mine at ReallyGoodStuff. I did a quick search and could not find the link for these bracelets but they have these sniff stickers that look like a close comparison! If the kids have something to smell, it makes it 100 times better!
2. Smelly Chapstick: I keep these all over the room. I usually always have one in my pocket, close to the carpet area, near my guided reading table etc. These are great and CHEAP rewards to provide your students. I rub some smelly chapstick  on the top of their hand as a sign that I just noticed something that they did.  My kinders eat (figuratively speaking) this stuff up. It works great when you find a role model, rub in on their hand and then instantly the whole class is quiet.
The other day during math talk time one of my students shared that she knew 4+5=9 is because she knows that 4+4=8 and one more is 9. WOAH! She earned herself a smelly for her great thinking brain. This provided her with instant feedback that she was working hard and in turn provided feedback to my other students that I am looking for students that are thinking and sharing. These smellies are great ways to provide instant tangible feedback. You can find these super cheap at the dollar store and after holidays when they mark their holiday smellies way down!
3. Brag Certificate: Before I share this certificate I must confess to the blogging world that I was doing a really good job passing these out in the beginning of the year and have slacked off majorly. So today by blogging my goal is to print some of these bad boys out and have ready to go in the classroom when the time comes for some bragging.
I have 2 different designs with 2 sizes. One design has a girl displayed and the other design has a boy displayed. I have full page certificates and half page certificates. This is an example of what they look like.
I came up with this certificate this summer because I will admit I struggle with providing feedback to the parents of those kids that are just rocking and rolling. You know those kids, the ones that never have behavior issues, always working hard and on or above grade level. So in turn you are not talking to their parents as much as others and therefore you (I) feel like you could improve on some parent/teacher communication.
Now these are not just passed out to those types of students but those were the ones in mind when I created these. These Brag Certificates are pre-made and printed on colored cardstock (can you hear the angels singing...colored paper and cardstock!) If a student earns one when working with me at guided reading, I quickly fill out it with them sitting there and then tell them in will be in their folder to take home at the end of the day. If they earn it for fabulous behavior, I quickly pull them aside at the end of the day fill it out with them and then place it in their folder. Kids want to know that their good choices were noticed and parents want to hear good news.

You can grab yourself some FREE brag certificates by clicking here!

All I ask is for you to leave some feedback if you use these in your classroom.
Now, how do you provide some instant feedback to your students. I would love to learn some new, fun and easy ideas! Comment away!



  1. I love the smelly chapstick idea on the hand! I know that would probably only work for Kinder-but I think I may be able to implement that into my library:) I will think about that. Thanks!

  2. The smelly chapstick has been one of the easiest things ever to implement. I bet it could work on many different grade levels. It is all about how you sell it! :) If you try out, come back and share!


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