Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter Learning Land!

It has been a while since I blogged and I am stoked to share about our Winter Learning Land under construction!

When we returned from Christmas Break, we completed a short gingerbread man unit. This was a great unit to get us back into the groove and routine! We read The Gingerbread Man and then recalled the different characters in the story. We acted out the story and then watched a short video. So much fun!

After reading The Gingerbread Man we then read Gingerbread Friends. Together we completed a Venn diagram to compare the two stories. The students then wrote to share their opinion on what story was their favorite and why. I must say my students are really beginning to impress me with their writing! We displayed their information with their gingerbread glyph that they completed in math groups in order to analyze information!

The fun bulletin board below was made by meeting math standards of 2D shapes, patterns and then writing to share information. My students had so much fun making their snowflakes with 2D shapes. I provided them with a snowflake template and then multiple 2D shape due cuts. They were to create a pattern using their shapes and then had to orally describe the amount if shapes used, which shape was used the most and least and then the type of pattern they created. The writing that is displayed below backed on construction paper is where the students shared what they can do in the winter!

Next week, I will share some other fun writing projects we have been working on. They are in the process of being completed!  I love this time of the year! What are some of your favorite projects to complete?

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