Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, New Me!

Before I get to the reason of this post, I just have to share this Christmas picture with you! Yes, we did the matching Christmas jammies and I LOVE it. Every year, we will get new jammies and open them up on Christmas Eve. It is a surprise to everyone, including my husband! I am already ready to order next years jammies. If you are interested, I ordered them through

Can you believe it is already 2014? Christmas break is over. School starts back tomorrow (unless snow or ice appears). The kids are going to be tired and we are going to be...well tired too! I am for sure out of the routine of going to bed and waking up early. Tonight is going to be hard getting to bed on time!

The first week back is all about getting back into the groove. For me, this also means a very HIGH possibility of gaining multiple new students. Right now I have the lowest number of kinders out of all 8 classes. (I am sitting at 19 where everyone else is at 24-24) Yes, I am the revolving door this year. I hope that if I am receiving new students that they arrive tomorrow when we are remembering/re-teaching rules and procedures. :)

My motto for 2014 is: New Year, New Me! It is the year to try new things and not give up. There are many things on my to do list. In fact, I might need to shorten it and maybe some of those things will happen! :) One of my latest adds to my list was inspired over the Christmas Break.

I did a lot of procrastinating over break, as any great teacher would do! :) I did some blog hopping, reconnected with friends via various social networks, stayed in my pjs all days (now come on you know you did it at LEAST once!) and spent lots of quality time with my little family. But it was through the blog hopping that I landed at On the Way to Mrs. Bearfield's Class and became inspired.

 Mrs. Bearfield was so kind to share her new TOU and it gave me lots of ideas. I had put updating my Terms of Use and some general updating to my TpT store on the back burner lately. So I decided to procrastinate and update my store picture on TpT and start working on a new Freebie. I must say I am really happy with my new picture and freebie, though! :) Well after all that procrastining and looking at my new freebie, I just knew I needed a new TOU and Credit page to jazz it up some. So off I went creating.

 I created it in powerpoint and probably changed the background oh a thousand times until I decided on this design. I decided with adding the glue bottles at the bottom that I need the background to be great accent but not the focus. I then printed the powerpoint to my Adobe where I was able to hyperlink anything and everything! My logo at the top is linked to my blog and the glue bottles at the bottom are linked to my appropriate social media networks! (This is just a picture so you can't click from here) Thank you Mrs. Bearfield for the great idea!

Now do you remember my motto? Well we need to add one new part: New Year, New Me, New Freebie!!! I cannot believe how fast my facebook page is growing and as a thank you for your support, I wanted to share a freebie. This mini Happy New Year writing unit is perfect for getting back into the groove. Included is a bubble map and 2 different types of writing paper to describe new things our students will try this year! It is perfect for stressing to our students that we can always try new things. Click here to grab it!! Feedback is appreciated :)
Grab it Here! 

Best of luck as you and your class begin the end of the school but remember it is never too late to try new things!

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  1. That TOU looks marvelous!!!! I love the funky fun!

  2. I wanted to let you know that the linky for this post was causing some issues with the mobile version of my blog. I hope you will accept my alternative which was a direct link in the blog post. Thanks again for stopping by.


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