Saturday, June 29, 2013

Who Loves DonorsChoose?

Oh my, where do I start?! I LOVE DonorsChoose and probably for more reasons than you can think of. Yes, I am a fortunate teacher who has had 5 projects fund (I one day hope to be like those that have hundreds funded!) to use in my classroom. We have received AWESOME materials form a whole science center of every kind of tool you can think of, books for our classroom library and big books that my kiddos loved to read! My future (can't wait to meet these sweeties!!!) kinder students will get to use individual CD players for listening to reading, some really awesome word work materials and who knows we might even have more projects fund over the summer (hopeful!). I am extremely thankful to every donor (96 supporters in all so far) that believe in my students and have helped them gain some great educational tools for the classroom!

But there is a another aspect to DonorsChoose that I love and I am so thankful for, Giving Pages!! It is so amazing to see how many giving pages have been made to host teachers' projects. These giving pages may host projects from specific subjects, interests, from certain regions etc. I am so thankful to be apart of what feels like a "secret community of facebook." From these giving pages I have met some awesome teachers from coast to coast AND gotten some really COOL ideas of what other classes are doing. These pages may hosts contests to help you earn DonorsChoose dollars to help fund your project. It is truly a great community to be apart of and we would love more active members. (Now I am not speaking as a Giving Pages owner just a member! :) )

I highly recommend if you have facebook and want to be an active advocate for your students and to meet other awesome teachers to check out some of these great pages! If you are just an awesome person who is looking to help classrooms, these pages are a great place to start!

Regional Pages (Host projects from their region...but you can always be a member and support other regions!)
Southern Hospitality  : Page that hosts projects from the South!

Best in the Midwest : Midwest projects

Northern Lights :Projects from the North

Western Roundup :Projects from the West

Mid-Atlantic Projects for DonorsChoose : Projects from the Mid-Atlantic States

Carolina Girls On DonorsChoose : Projects for guys and gals from North and South Carolina

Some other great pages to check out:

Kindergarten Rocks!: This is awesome page that loves kindergarten but also focuses on other grade levels

Mrs. Kinder Owl :Another awesome page

Couponing For The Classroom :This page also give some great money saving tips!

Hand in Hand Giving Page : Helping projects in need

Memories and Milestones :Helping projects

Reading is FUNdamental :Helps projects with a focus on literacy

Music Makes Our Students Smarter :Helps projects that LOVE music!

Costume Box : A giving page that is part of Adam Lambert's Glam A Classroom campaign

FaerieFive  :Follow them meadow to meadow to help fund projects!

Just Because You Care:Support Public Education

WOAH that is A LOT of pages. I hope I included all the ones I know and try to help out the best I can! So if you are a DonorsChoose teacher I really encourage you to check out these pages to gain some great tips. And if you are someone who supports education but just don't know where to start, please go check out a page that strikes your fancy to help out one of their projects!

I am so thankful for DonorsChoose whose sole purpose is to support teachers to ensure student success!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Carolina Girls ARE the Best in the World and Kindergarten Rocks!


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