Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meet Mrs. Farr!

I am so excited to start my blogging experience. This is something that has been turning in my mind for a long time and I finally decided to dive in head first! I am excited to share about what is happening in my kindergarten classroom, sharing activities that my kinders are doing and developing new friendships in the blog world!

First, I want to share a little bit about me and my family! I live in a small town in South Carolina that only has one red light! Yes, one red light!! That was exactly my reaction when I moved here when I got married. You see, I have lived in several different states and all BIG cities. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Kentucky then to Alabama (close to Mobile) and Greenville, South Carolina. My family even had a move to Birmingham, Alabama while I was in college but they now live right outside Charlotte. So here I am, someone who has moved and lived lots of places marrying a guy who has lived in one spot his whole LIFE! (I never knew people actually did that!)

I married my best friend, Richard on June 9, 2012. We have been super blessed in our first year of marriage. We both have full time jobs and have families that support us. Richard received an early birthday present in September that we were expecting our first child at the end of May. I then received an early birthday present in April that our little boy was ready to make his grand appearance!  Andrew was born on Friday, April, 19 at 5:20 PM. He is our strong, little baby. He was born 5 weeks early and had some trouble breathing and he did not know how to eat. So his first 8 days in this big scary world were spent in the NICU. By the way he can scream and eat you never would know that he had a little rocky start.  I am blessed to have such a precious family! Of course, I have to share some pictures!

"Kids grow like weeds!"

 His daddy is  a cute, right?!
 Future Clemson Tiger!
And here is my little family! This was the day we came home from the hospital.


I hope this gives you a little glimpse of who I am outside of my classroom. I am super excited to get my blog looking blogtastic and share the fun that happens in room 117.

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