Friday, June 28, 2013

So Many Choices!

Choices, Choices, Choices!! Too many choices!  I have been thinking a lot about the 5 different choices I will be implementing into my Daily 5 block this coming school year. I have been wondering how can I give them the best visual model of the choices without reviewing all year. We all know and love our kindergartners but know the beginning of the year is EXHAUSTING! I want to provide them with great visual models of the choices since most will not be able to read when they start the school year. So I have been taking my time looking for just the right graphic to go with each choice on a poster to hang in the room. Now this is not to say, I made these posters and then I am going to review them once and expect my kiddos to "just get it!" Don't worry I am not that crazy!

Now that I (think)  have made some posters that will be useful as I introduce Daily 5, I have realized there are too many choices. And NO not choices for the kiddos but for me, EEK! I just could not decide on the border or font or anything that I made. I stuck to Chevron because that is going to be a major decorating element in my classroom but there are SO MANY CHOICES! I designed 3 different sets and I still have other chevron frames I could use. I am pretty sure I have settled on the bright chevron for my room since my room has lots of BRIGHT colors but who knows there are just too many choices. I did make one set with no pictures in case there are classrooms out there who prefer no pictures. Please check out the preview below and if you are interested you can find this set at my TPT store!

If you do the Daily 5 in your classroom I would be very interested to know what works for you and your little precious friends. If you are like me and going to implement this the coming school year please share your ideas as well! I am super excited about this adventure with my kiddos this year!

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