Saturday, June 22, 2013

DonorsChoose Giveaway!

Who doesn't love DonorsChoose? I have been so fortunate to have 4 projects funded to benefit my students. This summer I am working hard on gettig more projects funded that I know my future kinders will benefit from! 

 Short, Quick Summary of my Projects
The first project, "Listening Leads to Reading," is to obtain 10 personal CD players that will be used during my Daily 5 time for Listening to Reading. The second project, "Learning is More Fun with Playdough," is so my cuties can learn their alphabet and build words by "doing" and not some boring worksheet! This will also be used during Daily 5 time. Please take the time to read about them if you are interested in exactly what I my plan is for these materials. Also, if are not familiar with DonorsChoose, you NEED to be! Take a moment, check out the site. It is SUPER easy to write a project. If you have any questions I would be glad to help.

 Now on to the giveaway.......

2 projects, 2 prizes, 2 days!! Okay so here is the deal, I have 2 fabulous projects that need some summer lovin. And I have 2 fabulous prizes up for grabs...$10 in DC account credits! That's right TWO $10 DC dollars! So here is the deal one winner will be randomly picked and the other is for most entries. If you have a friend donate in your honor it can count as YOUR entry if they write your name in the message. If you do not have a current project up, I can send it to you as a gift! Just $1 enters you to win a prize! Winners will be announced Monday (6/24) night at 12 pm est. 2 projects, 2 prizes, 2 days...what are you waiting for?! 

****Just Added!!!**** (6/23) Leave a comment on this blog AND somewhere in your message on the project add that you were sent from my blog and you will receive an EXTRA entry! Make sure somewhere in your comment if you post ANON that you leave your name. ALSO, Donor #22 will WIN $5 in DonorChoose account credits! Now I am not going to say how many donors so far but we are getting CLOSE!

Recap for up to $25 in DonorsChoose Cash!!!
  • Every donation counts as an entry. Someone can donate in your honor IF they write your name in the donation. If you are able to use a matching code, that will count as an entry. AND if you comment on this blog and write in your message you came from this blog you earn an entry. That is 4 ways to earn an entry! One random donor will be chosen to win $10!!!
  • The donor with the most entries (see above on how to earn an entry) wins $10!!!!
  • Donor #22 wins $5!!!!!!
What are you waiting for?????
Contest ends June 24 at 12 PM EST (*time was adjusted for out friends out West and I will not be able to announce the winner until Tuesday*)

Click Here to Find the Projects! 


  1. Best wishes from Dr. T. (aka Ann Taylor)!!!

  2. Good Luck and donated.
    Julie Paluso

  3. Great idea~ Already donated! Lacey Aarsvold

  4. Love the idea of a contest to promote DC projects. Heading over to your DC page to enter.

  5. Great idea! I recently posted a project on DC! It's my first. Fingers crossed I get it funded!
    :) Dana
    Common to the Core

  6. Thank you so much to everyone that followed my blog to my project. "Listening Leads to Reading" has funded! Now I am hopeful to fund "Learning is More Fun with Playdough," to support my students doing "Word Work."
    Dana- Welcome to DonorsChoose! If you have a facebook I strongly encourage you to search for giving pages. These pages give you some great tips to get funded and meet lots of other teachers! If there is room on their page, they will host your project as well!
    Kindergarten Rocks!
    Southern Hospitality (if you are not from the south she still has great tips to read!)
    Those are just 2 giving pages that I am apart of but you can find many more through those pages. It is great to be apart of the giving pages family!


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