Sunday, July 21, 2013

TPT challenges, Beach Trip, School Crafts...Oh My!

I promise I have not disappeared into  the summer sky. But that could be nice if it includes endless supply of sunshine and waves. Instead, I have been super busy. I have created several new items for my bright, happy, chevron classroom but to no avail TPT has not been cooperating with me. :( I have been in constant communication with TPT support and they have been awesome with helping my store get back to working order. So soon you will be seeing lots of new items and be sure to check back here because I will be sure to celebrate with a freebie!

Now for all of you wondering minds here is a synopsis of items I have been working on. I have  created several classroom decor items using my chevron patterns including: sharp/dull pencils, name tags, table signs, new number posters (slight twist to my previous ones). Can you think of additional items your classroom may need? Leave a comment and I just made add it to the pack!

I have also been working on my Back to School Forms. I know, I know we go BTS soon! First day for students in August 19th! There are so many forms that we have to fill out and parents have to fill out that in my mind it makes it worth it if they are at least cute. In this pack I have: student info sheet, parent contact sheet, parent volunteer sign ups, classroom party sign ups, student reading survey, info for first day and I might be forgetting one. Think of something else this pack needs? Leave a comment!

I am also working on my birthday balloons! Last year, I made balloons to be added to crazy straws for this kids birthdays. I plan to still do this but I am making these balloons with chevron! Wahoo for chevron!

I also just might have a few more things up my be on the lookout!

This post is getting long but I just have to share a little bit about our summer beach vacation. We went to Siests Keys (Sarasota) in Florida. My sweet baby boy turned 3 months when we were there! Where is the time going?! He did SO good. For the trip down, we broke the trip up into two days so about 5 hours each day. We met up with my parents my little brother and my oldest brother and his family at a hotel in Jacksonville so we could travel the rest of the way together.  We made great timing and it was so great to get to see my mom's whole family! There was about 30 of us in all that went! My mom is 1 of 6 children and then add their children plus there are now 2 great grandchildren on this side of the family. We had a large group but so much fun. I got my fair share of seafood, waves and pool time. This was our first family vacation of 3 (plus the other 30 people) and I would say it was a success. Here is a photo of the Farr Family of 3!

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