Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hello. My name is Katie Farr and I am a label-aholic.

I L-O-V-E to label everything in my classroom. It adds a pop of color at the beginning of the school year before all of the kiddos work is hung up. It makes my students take some responsibility to spell words correctly. AND it helps keep me organized. There is just something about a cute label that makes me more likely to put it back in its place.

Labels+CHEVRON=one HAPPY teacher! :)

I wish I had a cute picture to show you my classroom with all kinds of things labeled but that is just not possible. SC has been a monsoon state lately AND our roof was being fixed this summer so....there have been leaks and messes everywhere. We still have a couple weeks to go before school starts so I am trying not to stress yet. I am so ready to get my furniture in place and make the room feel happy. I believe that will make the pile of back to school paperwork a little easier. :)

So since I can't share pictures of my classroom. Here are the labels that I have created!

 Isn't this chevron so bright and happy?! I love it! There are 36 different labels included in this pack. Plus, I included a matching name plate!  Read the description and view the preview to see what is included. You can find this pack here!

 This chevron just seems so calm and relaxing! This pack includes the same labels as the pack above with just a different frame. You can get it here!

Can;t decide which chevron you like best? Or maybe you want a mixture of the two? Then this bundle is for you! I will also be updating this bundle with more chevron labels. So you will save big by buying this bundle and being able to constantly download the new files! You can get it here!

Who wants to join my label-aholic club?

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