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Whole Brain Teaching {Chapter 6 & 7} Freebies!

Today, I am posting about chapters 6 and 7. These chapters introduced the class attention signal and the "powerful 5 rules."

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Chapter 6: Class-Yes

"Instantly, magically gain your kids' attention" (pg27)
Mrs. Maestra was back in this chapter! She is described in great detail of her presence in her classroom on the 1st day of school. Her arms are raised slightly as to be embracing but her stance is very commanding. Gaining students' respect has nothing to do with a teacher's size and definitely not by their aggressiveness. 

As she speaks to her students on the 1st day of school, she quickly scans her classroom. She knew some would be listening intently and others would be staring off into space. She knew that not every student would be paying attention. And in fact her first goal was not to win over every student. But instead, set up routines that would unite a substantial amount of students behind her leadership.

This is where the Class-Yes strategy comes in effect. I would say this strategy is one that pretty much any one has heard of if you have googled anything at all with WBT.

The script would go something like this:
Teacher: Class. When I say Class you say Yes! Class.
Student: Yes!
Teacher: When I say Class, Class you say Yes, Yes! Class, Class...
Student: Yes, Yes
Teacher: When I say Claaaassss. You say Yeeess. (varying tones.) Claaaaass
Student: Yeeeesss

And so on. You can change your tone, how you say class, make it  funny or sad. Whatever you want just make it fun!

I have actually used this a few times in years past. And it is a hit! Students are instantly becoming engaged and laughing! I do plan to use this consistently....that is where I messed up. Another key to using this strategy is instantly after you have their attention you need to say something important. Not just some fluff. You know what I mean...Class? Yes? Okay settle down....and then you go back doing something and then they get wound back up again...and the cycle continues.Your students will lose faith in the "Class? Yes!"

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Chapter 7: Five, Powerful Rules


You will want to have your rules posted in a prominent location in your classroom and preferably in a large size...8x10. I will be posting my rules at the front of my classroom meeting area. I have them printed  on 8X10 and placed in cute frames. So I am excited to already have that ready to go! #Pointforme! I will admit my rules do slightly differ from what is in WBT(see below). But I do believe, that if I use my rules in the same way they encourage in the book I will have the same results. I will have to wait until the end of the year, though, to see if that holds true.

Onto the WBT rules....
  1. Follow directions quickly!
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak!
  3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat!
  4. Make smart choices!
  5. Keep your dear teacher happy! 
{side note} My rules will be:
  1. Listen when someone is talking.
  2. Follow directions quickly.
  3. Raise your hand to speak!
  4. Make smart choices!
  5. Respect others respect yourself and respect our school!
To introduce these rules, you would use your Class-Yess

An example script:

Teacher: Class
Student: Yes
Teacher: Pointing the rule 1. These are our rules. Please repeat after me and watch my hands. Rule 1: Follow directions quickly. (raise a #1 in the air and then make fast moving motion with your hand like a fish!
Student: a few would try
Teacher: smiling but firmly repeat the rule.
student: More energy
Teacher would then continue with all 5 rules.

I can see how this would be effective! However, as a kindergarten teacher, I do not know if I would go over all 5 at once. I do think they would need to take it a little slower and time to explain what those words mean. I would not want them just repeating but understanding. And for the most part, kindergarteners are scared and nervous and are going to be following directions (the best they know how) that I think I could slow down and take my time by doing a lot of modeling!!!

If you have been following me here, facebook or instagram you probably know I am have some reservations about Rule #5 . This chapter did go into some depth of the  why this important. This is the no loophole rule. Some students are going to try to find a way to maybe "break" and rule and you can always say unfortunately you broke the most important rule, keeping me happy. I will admit right here, I understand and see where this would work. Personally, I feel by using the "respect" rule can be my end all rule.

The book describes how as you teacher know that as long as your students are actively engaged and learning, that makes you happy so it is not a teacher-centered room but really a student-centered classroom. So I get what they are saying....I just personally am not comfortable hanging that rule in my classroom. Maybe throughout the year or more research my mind will change. Remember I am having a very open mind!

To make this effective, you would need to a lot of role playing. Where the teacher calls out the rule number and the student would respond with the rule and gestures. In fact, they mention doing this every day and possible a couple times of day! If you are like me and need to see is a video!


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 Share your thoughts below and stay tuned for the next few chapters!


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  1. Loving your posts on WBT! I just started reading yesterday and I can't put it down!

    I completely see what you're saying about Rule #5 but I personally really like it. I teach first grade and my kiddos will do just about anything to please me. When I'm building my relationships with them in the beginning of the year, I find that my most challenging kiddos really just want to make me happy. When I point out that their choices make me sad or make my heart hurt, they really do want to turn it around. While this rule was made to be the "no loophole" rule, I think it also makes them aware that their choices affect others around them. :)

  2. Mrs. Dow,
    THANK YOU so much for giving your perspective of how Rule #5 works in your classroom! I love how you said "makes them aware that their choices affect others around them" I hope I can achieve that with my Rule #5 too. If it doesn't work, I just might try WBT Rule #5 next year, :)


  3. I have used these rules for 2 years and it works BEAUTIFULLY! Making a new rules poster set was on my To Do list but I discovered the wonderful ones you made. Thank you so much for sharing :)


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