Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It {Kindergarten Data Notebook}

Oh my goodness y'all! Have you checked the calendar lately?? I mean it is JULY 21!! DO WHAT?!?! Where is summer going?  Not that I am sad about school starting. Because honestly, I am one of those weird nerdy teachers that actually likes back to school shopping, the smell of new crayons, getting a classroom ready, meeting new students and a routine. The problem? Summer is not long enough to prep for the next school year! I swear sometimes I feel like my list is not getting any shorter. That is not due to the fact at all that I keep finding cute ideas to add to the list! :)

Monday has become my most favorite love it/hate it kinda day. I love linking up and finding new ideas. I hate that I find new ideas so my list gets longer. LOL Okay no, I don't hate Mondays at all. I love trying something new...especially if its cute and bright! Speaking of cute and bright, my Monday Made Its....

I have been taking the time this summer to learn more about Whole Brain Teaching. In fact, I have been posting as I have been reading {here} Of course, when ever I start a new journey with a PD book that usually means its time to create! Everything, I have been creating for WBT are all FREEBIES! WOOT, WOOT!! So if you are doing WBT and needing some new WBT learning strategy posters you can grab "Class-Yes!" {here} I will be posting the rest as I post about each chapter!

I also just recently made WBT FREE Rules Posters! I am love with how bright and happy these turned out.  A perfect coordinating product to my {Bright & Bold} Wall Decor items in my TpT Store.. These were made as 8x10 so either trim the white away to place in a frame or leave the white for a matted look and just laminate and go!  If you need some new bright and happy WBT you can grab them for FREE {here!} If you grab them, please leave some love! I would LOVE to try to get 100+ feedback on my new primary freebie. :)

This Monday Made It just might be my all time favorite!! Okay, I really made it all summer and finally finished it late last week. But, I am pretty positive this is going to help solve so many challenges that I may (more than likely) run into in my classroom this year. So it has been so worth it! I am going to be uber prepared for RTI meetings and parent conferences. Students are going to start taking some ownership (as much as a 5 year old can) of their learning and it is going to make my life so much easier! I am so excited that I finally finished this Kindergarten Data Notebook!

EEK. I am loving the idea that each of my kinders will have a binder that will hold all of their data that will be super easy for me to grab at a moment's notice. The best part is, the kiddos will help by coloring in their data. Do a little you know a little extra math skill thrown in there! You know that day when a parent e-mails you, you have had indoor recess, your activity was cancelled and they want to meet the second the bell rings at the END OF THE DAY. AHH you need to try to grab all of their kid's work, in between telling that boy to stop holding himself and go potty, answer the classroom phone that won't stop ringing, telling Johnny to stop touching that girl's hair oh and you know TEACH! {Are you ready to go back to school??!!LOL}

Here is a little sample of one of the ways that my kinders will be able to display what they know! Easy to read letters, big boxes to color and color coded for the 9 weeks they master each letter. Simple for me, the kids and their parents to understand WAHOO!
And in case you missed the BIG FREEBIE marked on the picture...grab you a copy {here!}
And if you are in love with it as much as me, you can go grab you a copy of the entire Date Notebook on my TpT store {here!}

Make sure you check out what all of the other fabulous bloggers have made this week. Go ahead, get you a pen and paper ready to make a list of what you need to buy this week to get to creating!You also might want to lock yourself in the closet and away from the kids so you can get through all this awesome posts! :)


  1. I love Whole Brain Teaching and have been incorporating a little more into my class each year. If you are interested in a Super Improver Wall (Chapter 15), I just put a Superhero themed one in my TPT store for free of course. I hope that you have great success with WBT.
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I will have to remember to go check it out when I get to that chapter. I am really enjoying this easy read and excited about implementing parts this school year!



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