Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Made It {Daily 5 Freebies!}

I need to first admit, my car is filled with goodies that I had planned to work on. I have this shelf that needs spray painting but I havn't even bought the spray paint. I have an unfinished banner for my word wall that was supposed to be finished by today. And, I still have a half finished birthday board. Why oh why do I start to slack off the closer it gets to the beginning of the year?!

But alas, I have worked on a few things for Daily 5. Which is good for you because it all FREE! Woot Woot! But, I will also admit that I have made these but havnt gotten around to buying some ink or getting these suckers printed off! Hopefully, I will get that finished this week! I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It to give you all these goodies!

I have been wanting some cute, easy to read strategy cards with picture cues for my kiddos. So I decided to make these! These strategy cards are from the Daily 5 Emergent Menu. I will place these underneath my cafe signs (see Made It 2) as introduce each strategy and for my students to refer to.
You can grab your FREE set {here!}
After making new strategy cards, of course I needed new CAFE MENU Signs. These signed are for the Emergent Menu.

Grab your FREE set {here!}

And you can't have new strategy and CAFE signs without some new Daily 5 Choices signs!

These posters are for FREE on my TpT Store. If you grab these, please leave me some love! :) You can grab these {here!}

Hope you enjoy all these goodies this week! What have you been working on this summer? Share below!


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