Sunday, August 11, 2013

Snapshot view

I love just as much as the next teacher looking at other classrooms and getting new ideas. Here are some pictures and descriptions for your viewing. Maybe you will find something you like!

 This is next to my bulletin board (which I forgot to take a picture of, oops!) I love hanging the pennant on the wall, it gives a 3D element.. My wall space is huge and so I try to add a lot to make it less intimidating! I made little pennant attached to glittery pipe cleaners. Each pennant is holding a kinder's name. AHH so excited to meet these babies!

 My door leading to my classroom. My outside bulletin board reads "Hip Hip Hooray for a Kinder Carolina Day!" In the hallway, I am using the stick kids and I thought this would be fun to add on my door.

This is taken from my door and a straight shot to the back of the room. You will notice 2 reading nooks. One with the green chairs and one with the blue bean bags. That back door leads to our playground.

This is taken on an angle from my front door. You will see my tables, puppet area with reading nook, and our whole group area. These are the only pictures of my whole room but when I get back in I plan to take some from the back and art area. I am missing several elements.

 Here is a picture of my office that I am so lucky to have. The blue rug is new and it just brightens the area up. I still have some organizing to do but at least I can walk in here right now!
 These buckets are labeled by months.  I keep my thematic notebooks in each bucket  and anything else I need for the month. I LOVE this part in my office. It is so great to pull a bucket for a month and have my notebook of my plans, manipulatives etc

L-O-V-E!! This is how I organize my borders. I have been told I have bit of an addiction. ( I have more that are not in the picture.) I used a 3M hook to hang on the inside of my closet. Then just hung each border up. If the border has been opened then I just closed with a small binder clip and hung that on the hook. I have found if I use the mounting tape on the 3M hook  I can hang more border from each hook. I hang about 5-7 borders per hook. One side of my closest is more for style organization. My go to borders for classroom decor and the sparkly for double border. The other side of my cabinet is organized by season/theme for my outside bulletin boards.

 Here is an up close picture of my color balloons. L-O-V-E Last year a group on my team made these for our rooms and these are my favorite way to display colors. They are happy and fun. You will also notice my computers and headphones. I hang my headphone on a 3M hook. This keeps my counter from getting cluttered and the kids have a spot to put the headphone away. Win, Win!

This is an up close of my puppet area. I like having it close to whole group so I have the puppets for stories if need be and I can easily model how to use. Love these blue chairs for the "audience" and also serves as a great reading chair for Daily 5!

This is another reading area. Behind is the back of a cubby that I am doubling as a birthday board. I still have to  finish that part. On the top of the cubby are my two birthday hats (girls and boys) and my birthday balloons I give for their birthday. Kinders love celebrating their birthdays so I try to make that day extra special for them!

This is my table numbers. LOVE the birds this year! I did glue 2 birds together so when they turn and blow you can still see the number. I hung my birds from my paper lanterns!

These are the swirlies that I hung in my art area. (I will get a picture of that area later!)  These came from Party City. Just a pop of color without being overwhelming. No need to compete with the lanterns :)

Here is my Daily 5/CAFE board. WOOT WOOT! On the left for Daily 5 you will notice that all of the choices are not turned over. I will turn each choice over as we launch that choice..

That is all for now. I still have some finishing touches that will be finished next week. Can;t believe tomorrow is the first staff day back! Time to get ready for the sweeties and Meet the Teacher!


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