Saturday, August 17, 2013

Getting Ready for the Big Day!

This past week has been super busy filled with meetings, final touches in the classroom, meeting my new kiddos and getting to know my fabulous new assistant!! It has been a GREAT WEEK! Our principal was so sweet with the help of others in the school and she asked some families and old students to come cheer us on as we came in for our last and big meeting on Friday! Just imagine walking into a meeting in a CHEER TUNNEL! It was so sweet and special! Those sweet children had to wake up bright and early to be at school by 8 on the last Friday of Summer. They loved it and we all loved it!

Wednesday was Meet the Teacher Day! I must say I am pretty sure we got the best little group of kindergartners! My assistant and I worked hard to get the room looking extra special for them. We want them to love coming to school every day!

Each student got to choose a green or blue balloon. Who doesn't love a balloon?! And it added to my green/blue classroom decor!
 I also made each student a sticker! LOVE making stickers for my kinders!! Working on first day of school stickers...! EEK!!

We finished the final touches to the frame on Friday Afternoon. So of course we had to test out how it would look in a picture and our lovely across the hall neighbor took a picture in her room for us! We are ready for Monday and can't wait to take our new kiddos picture in this frame!!

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