Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I lost 10 lbs. today!

WHEW! I am exhausted. Today was THE day. I entered my room and found all my furniture so nicely piled up on the tile floor. It was time to move everything to its spot. EEK! (This was day 3 in my classroom. If interested in the first two days you can find it here!)

All my nicely arranged stacked furniture

I just now needed to move and arrange my furniture to fit here!

Thankfully, I have some amazing teammates and we worked together to get our furniture moved. My legs, thighs, arms, pretty much every body part got a great workout. (eating a piece of cheesecake was well deserved!) Moving cubbies, bookshelves, tables, chairs, etc Someone could earn big bucks by starting a business aimed just for moving and setting up a teacher's classroom! My room is no where near being finished, (and far from many other classrooms found in blogland and pinterest) but here are some photos of what I accomplished today.

This is a view from my door looking in. I really like my classroom layout this year but it is hard to see with the piles of things on tables. Goal tomorrow: Unpack and Organize!
At the front you can see a few rows of my large carpet area. There is where I will do my whole group teaching, read alouds, and check in with Daily 5. The main thing you can see in this picture is my puppet stand with some adorable puppets. This was gift from a sweet friend who left kindergarten to spread her wings in 2nd grade. Super thankful for this puppet stand so Kelly if you are reading this, THANK YOU! The chairs will double as a viewing area for puppet shows and also as a great spot for Read to Self or Read with Buddy.

This is another favorite spot in my room. If you look at the previous picture you can see a tiny bit of this rug to the left. This is right when you walk in a just a cozy place to read. The orange table will double as a magazine table or author study, endless possibilities! Just another great spot for Read to Self or Read with Buddy. Are you sensing a pattern? I am working hard this year to create great reading nooks in my room!

This is probably my favorite spot in the room! You can see this as you walk in the room towards the back. What a great reading spot! Those "bean bags" are from Bed Bath & Beyond and were in their Dorm Section. (I bought them weeks ago so not sure if they are still there.) These are awesome "bean bags" because the filling inside is hard so I am hoping they will not plop down and get saggy easily. The board behind it will eventually highlight our classroom birthday. And yes again, I set this up with Daily 5 in mind. I am getting super excited about Daily 5!!

I will end with this picture. I L-O-V-E this banner. You can't miss it when you walk in the room and I really  think it sets the tone. It reads: WE LOVE KINDERGARTEN
What have you accomplished so far in your classroom? Share in the comments or leave your link if you have pictures!


  1. I love the orange tables with the cushy seating! I just bought two similar tables from IKEA for $4.99 each! I didn't exactly have a plan when I bought them, but knew I would figure something out...I'm totally stealing your idea :) You can check out my blog to see a picture of my classroom setup so far...I haven't gotten as far as you, but I think tomorrow will be the day!

    Diary of a Grumpy Teacher

  2. I want to support teachers and their great new blogs! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check out the details here!
    Looking forward to reading more from you! Have a great end-of-summer!
    Kinder Colors


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