Saturday, November 2, 2013

Busy Time of the Year!

WHEW! September, October and November are some of my most favorite months in the classrooms but boy are they busy! The weather is getting cooler, full moons, Halloween and getting closer to Christmas makes for hyper kiddos and tired teacher aka less blog posting! BUT I would not have it any other way!

With the full implementation of Common Core, I feel like I am constantly asking questions and asking for more explanation on WHY. This is HARD for these kinders babies but I have to admit we are making headway and I am SO PROUD of what these little ones can do. The other day when we were working on fewer than one little girl was able to explain that 4 was 2 fewer than 6 because 4 plus 2 is 6. WOAH! I was impressed needless to say. And we always just have those funny moments and I want to share one with you! While we were working on 2 fewer in math, I ask of my kiddos to explain WHY she thought 5 was 2 fewer than 7. Her answer?: Because Mrs. Farr I KNOW 5 is 2 fewer than 7 because I am just SMART!. GOTTA LOVE IT!!!! It may feel like we are pulling teeth and want to pull our hair out when trying to get our babies to explain or even understand but just step back and enjoy the process. We are going to get it!

On another note. I am putting together a sight word game packet. Some of my kiddos really need additional help with their sight words and my hope is that I will have a bucket prepared with games easy to follow for volunteers in my room to work with them. Right now I have close to 100 words that will be included in this packet so be on the look out if you are needing some new sight word games!

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